Sad Statements

by Careless

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she said
hope is a dangerous thing boy
don't ever wear it close to your heart
what did you come here to say
your words are so difficult to decipher
soaked in shame and guilt

is this even a conversation?
when arguments are replaced by sad statements

it was so simple to fail this time, just feeling helpless

how many times am i supposed to catch you
when you fall down on me

we held our love above our heads
while walking miles on ocean floors

how does it feel to commit to failure?

is this the season when we say goodbye to those we love?
I've been dreaming of hibernation
as the asphalt consumes the first leaves of this fall
and summer leaves me with a feeling of vague regret

i felt sorry for crying, i didn't want to make you sad
but i'd never mention how empty you make me feel
you're a shadow i cast on myself

i'm smiling with friends now more often than ever
but i still sleep alone
i always imagine you sad and drunk
spending what you once said was mine

i think i'm done whining about the past
and how things didn't turn out
(i think i'm done whining)

i've given all i got
i've tried my best to fix it, but it broke
and even though it's comfortable
i'm tired of failure

later i might say
these are just the lyrics of a sad song
(i wish i could show you how you made feel)
that it's just one side of the story
but do you remember the last two years?

is this what you meant by "forever"?

do you remember the last two years?
do you remember?


This is a new song that will be on our upcoming LP.

it's about a relationship and the realization that it has become destructive. in trying to fix what's wrong, the narrator digs himself even further down in a destructive spiral where he barely notice the destructivity of his actions. the song begins at the start of this realization and the further the song progresses, the clearer it becomes for the narrator that this relationship is very unhealthy for everyone involved. in the end, the narrator begins point out all the negative things that the relationship makes him feel. he tries to explain why the relation can't go on and the last argument he finds himself with is "do you remember the last two years?" - the memory of the last two years and the struggle to keep the relationship alive is enough to prove why it shouldn't be and is it worth fighting for if this is where they always end up


released March 13, 2014
Written, recorded, mixed/mastered by the band.

Cover photo: Johan Sundberg



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Careless Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden since 2012

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