Split 12" w/ sans visage & Det är därför vi bygger städer

by Careless

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our contribution for this 3-way split 12" with:

sans visage (japan)

det är därför vi bygger städer (sweden)


these are our last 2 songs written and recorded as careless


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12" avaliable soon from
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-kakusan records (norway)
-samegrey records (ukraine)
-dingleberry records (germany)
-zilpzalp records (germany)
-structures//agony records (US)
-don't live like me records (US)
-rubayiat records (UK)

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-little apartment distro (japan)
-sunday worst enemy distro (japan)
-long legs long arms (japan)
-like a fool records (japan)
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released February 26, 2016

mixed/mastered by andré ampuero
recorded by us and CG
artwork by valik lapshin



all rights reserved


Careless Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden since 2012

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Track Name: Dalliance
i followed a shade that looked like love
and it took me in its arms
i found safety, i found a plague
i wanted to know, wanted to understand

how was it supposed to happen
to relive a scene a million times
how was it supposed to happen to me

you're an apparition, a constant fear of missing
of not knowing how i should remember you
i never wanted this

you make me linger

i needed to understand
so hold me near
hold me near, hold me near, i want to understand
Track Name: Lucid dreaming
can you see the size of my heart
i'm giving up the ghost
can you hear the shaking in my voice
i'm losing control
can you see the flood in my eyes
i''m barely holding on
can you see the aching in my lips
i am dying to breath you in

closure, it's a feeling of happiness
it won't find me

come here, i want to find out
how love would taste from your lips
kissing lips burning though my spine
is this how it feels to hold on
to everything, everything is here, your existence my lucid dreaming
(you washed my soul, you made everything seem so beautifull)
this heartache, is it breaking
or is it breathing

closure, it's a feeling
of happiness, It won't find me
you won't find me