by Careless

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Written, performed and recorded by Tommy, Gabriel and Shervin

Released on CD:
50 w/ normal colored covers - Sold out
50 w/ random colored covers - Sold out


released November 18, 2012

Shervin Ashrafi - Vocals
Gabriel Bhatia - Drums
Tommy Utter - Guitars/Bass



all rights reserved


Careless Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden since 2012

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Track Name: Peddling Between Gray And You
i'll do my best and try to forget
while i’m peddling between gray and you
cause’ i’m still here, i’m still thinking
about the hours spent alone in bed
while i’m peddling between gray and you
i know nothing, i see nothing
but only the footprints leading to you
i will always peddle between gray and you

i’m always acting up, faking smiles
cause i don’t want you to know that i still need you
and my words won’t seem to heed
oh god could you answer me, why

why can’t i just move on
but i keep reminding myself
that i could have done something
i could have called you
cause’ i’m too afraid to face you on my own
i know, i'm speaking too much
but it’s hard when you won’t answer me
so i’m still here, peddling between gray and you

i hope i'll see you again
but i hope i won’t
Track Name: Longing For Home
why do i ask myself the same questions
when i can’t find myself?
Still holding back everyone and everything
hoping that you will find your way back home
i have no intentions to wait, but i can’t leave you alone

still hoping for another way, to find myself back alone
to those days when i once called your home mine
and my heart was set forever for your name
i’m all dressed for a funeral, hoping you to notice me
as i’m wearing my best perfume
as I’m trying to get your attention

i’m sorry that i can’t show you that much
i’m just not that brave enough anymore

my sun won’t shine anymore at my home
and the water never stops to pour
i guess that i am fading
i guess that i’m losing myself

i walked to many times in the same place
my footprints are carved after my name
and here’s where my home is set
all alone in these winter nights
i pray to god that you can still hear me
Track Name: Wander
these walls, my air suddenly disappears
and the note i began to write went away with the last breeze
i felt no purpose in waiting for your smell to swallow me again
in fact i’m distant from your door, i’m distant from myself
why won’t this breeze come back and refill these lungs
why, can’t i see the colors of you that i try to bring back
gray, gray, gray
it’s all i see

when i’m walking the road back home, all i see is my own footprints
gray, why did you take me here?

your home is closer now; it’s always been closer for me
because the walks i used to take were reaching for its end
but i can still taste the smell of spring and your name lights up in me
i know, that i’ve been choking on the road
i know, and i’m sorry
i’m sorry for the things i’ve said
i’m sorry, i’m sorry
i might be too late to fix this
i might be too selfless to help you

i might even see you again
but my legs won’t help me standing up
and my heart still says that there’s a sun
for you and me between colors again
Track Name: Clover Field
you left a clover field in the meadow
the dye of love, lightened by sunray again
still an echo of the songs that have been sung
but your voice has been forgotten
when heaven drew paintings, those summer sunset evenings
to face endless roads

i know can figure out the mess i’ve done
but i can’t seem to understand what’s right or wrong
but i can still see where you left me those flowers
so you can understand that i still need your smile
counting days, still seem pointless to me
because i’m coming to terms that i’ll always be alone

i’m still staring at your door from my open window
trying to catch a glimpse and some air so I can keep watching, hoping to see you
wearing that same dress as you had the last time i saw you
but i’m doing my best to avoid you
cause i’m too afraid to face you
i’m spending nights out, coming home and still drunk
smelling of cigarettes and pavement
making sure that i’m fine
and always forgetting, so that my colors will once again shine
som solen jag en gång hade